Elyssa Tardif

Director of Education, Massachusetts Historical Society and former editor, Rhode Island History

In my experience in academia and the public history sector, I have yet to encounter a more fastidious and exemplary copyeditor than Laura Napolitano. Laura’s work as a researcher and writer is similarly top-notch, and I would trust her to tackle any size project with her characteristic thoughtfulness and commitment to high-quality results. Laura has honed a superior technical skill set, but perhaps just as importantly, she approaches her work with compassion, warmth, and sound judgment, which ensures a successful deliverable. I would recommend Laura unreservedly to any client who values precision and a consistent track record of excellence.

Elyse Gonzales

Director, Ruby City, and former Assistant Director and Curator of Exhibitions, UCSB Art, Design & Architecture Museum

Laura Napolitano is a terrific editor. Her thoughtful comments on mechanics and content have been incredibly helpful, even transformative, for my writing and conceptualization of projects. I greatly appreciate her willingness to talk through ideas with me. Since I work at a small institution, I often miss out on collegial input. I have been able to discuss ideas with Laura and put those thoughts into creative and concise exhibition didactics and essays. I highly recommend her!

Abigail Susik

Associate Professor of Art History, Willamette University

Laura Napolitano is the best editor I’ve ever worked with. Laura edited most of my art history book manuscript, and I found her work to be unbelievably helpful, careful, and insightful. Her attention to detail is off the charts. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

C. S.

Multi-language graduate student

I had the opportunity to work with Laura Napolitano as a copyeditor for my dissertation in art history. Laura’s commitment to my project was outstanding, and her ability to meet deadlines without compromising quality was truly extraordinary. A true professional in every sense of the word. I highly recommend her.

Georgia B. Barnhill

Curator Emerita, American Antiquarian Society

Laura Napolitano created a lively online exhibition for the American Antiquarian Society, drawing upon its collections of lithographs, trade cards and catalogs, and product labels to shed light on the major ways Americans produced and sold food to consumers. Laura worked through the collection, selected appropriate themes and materials, and wrote all the copy for the exhibition. Her work on this project was excellent and completed in a timely fashion. The successful completion of this project shows that Laura can work independently, stick to deadlines, and produce an excellent outcome.